No Trespassing Gate Sign.

As explained in the "What to do if the RSPCA calls" poster, people often find that the RSPCA enter their property without permission, especially when they are out. This sign is designed to protect your interests when you are not on the premises, or cannot watch every entrance at all times.

In the box at the bottom of the sign fill in a contact name or names and addresses. These do not have to be the owner of the animals or property, but they must be someone authorised to deal with emergencies.

If you have reservations about publicly posting names and addresses on the sign, telephone numbers will do, but it is most important that there is always someone available and contactable to deal with emergencies. If possible have at least two names and numbers.

The name/s and address/es can be hand written or printed in from your computer, the box is deep enough to take a seven line address with a telephone number below, this was done with sixteen point Times New Roman.

The poster then needs laminating, to protect it from the elements. Your local copy shop should be able to do this. Finally mount it on a piece of board to give it rigidity.

Place it in a prominent position at every entrance to your land/property. If you have a building adjoining a road, with doorways into the building, place it on these doors as well.

Keep all doors and gates closed.

Private Property
In case of
John Doe
01234 123456
01234 654321

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